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Chapterhouse were:

Stephen Patman - Vocals, Guitars
Andrew Sherriff - Vocals, Guitars
Simon Rowe - Guitars
Russell Barrett - Bass
Ashley Bates - Drums

Formed in Reading in 1987 by Andrew Sherriff (b. 5 May 1969, Wokingham, England; guitar/vocals), Stephen Patman (b. 8 November 1968, Windsor, Berkshire, England; guitar), Simon Rowe (b. 23 June 1969, Reading, Berkshire, England; guitar), Jon Curtis (bass) and Ashley Bates (b. 2 November 1971, Reading, Berkshire, England; drums), Chapterhouse took the unusual step of rehearsing and gigging for well over a year before recording even a demotape. Initially lumped in with the British acid rock scene of the time, a mistake hardly rectified by the band's early performances supporting the rather laidback Spacemen 3. Chapterhouse eventually escaped from one genre only to find themselves thrust amongst the infamous ‘shoegazer’ groups of 1991 (with Lush, Moose and Slowdive), so called because of the bands’ static live shows and insular music. Bassist Jon Curtis left early on to study, being replaced by Russell Barrett (b. 7 November 1968, Vermont, USA) who also fronted his own garage band, the Bikinis. Chapterhouse eventually signed to the newly-formed Dedicated label, releasing a series of lavishly-acclaimed singles, including Pearl, which reached the UK Top 75, and which revelled in distorted melodies and attracted a healthy following, while the autumn of 1991 saw the band aiming their sights on the anticipatory American market.

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Other points of interest

Apparently when they started out, they called themselves "Incest". Also they apparently had a 6 album deal with Dedicated. I'm not sure what happened and why they broke up

Post-Chapterhouse Activity

Andrew Sheriff (Bionic, Bio.com)
Andrew went on to record as Bionic on Andy Weatherall's label Emmisions Audio Output. Bionic also includes Simon Gotel (Ex-Opus III) The pair later went on to record as Bio.com and released an album called "Coming up for Air" on their own label, Deepstar. The album is so-called intelligent techno, funky but atmospheric, spooky, and deeply dubby. It received album of the month in Musik magazine. Andrew then began work as a sound engineer for Adelphoi and has done work on Phobias , a 3-part series made by BBC Science as well as Walking with Dinosaurs also for the BBC. Andrew also played guitar on Kirsty Hawkshaw's debut single "Sci-Clone" and was in Slab briefly (ex-Drum Club members Lol Hammond group) for their live shows.

Stephen Patman ("Son of Dave" producer)
Simon Rowe (Mojave 3)
Russell Barrett (Inner Sleeve, the Bikinis)
Ashley Bates (Cuba)