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February 9, 2012::
New version of old song releases
Chapterhouse released a new live in the studio version of 'Pearl' for a compilation last year. The comp is called 'The Light Shines Into Your Dream" and was released on iTunes. Check your country's iTunes store. This track was one of 3 they sent out to radio stations prioer to their world tour. If you have these other tracks, please get in touch!

Tour Dates:
18th March - Scala, London (with Engineers & Air Formation)
6th April - Ebisu Liquid Room, Tokyo, Japan (with Ulrich Schnauss)
8th April - Osaka, Japan (with Ulrich Schnauss)
9th April - Super Deluxe, Tokyo, Japan (with Ulrich Schnauss)

1st October - Chicago - Lincoln Hall (with Ulrich Schnauss)
3rd October - New York - Bellhouse (with Ulrich Schnauss)
5th October - Boston - Middle East Club (with Ulrich Schnauss)
6th October - Toronto - Lee's Palace (with Ulrich Schnauss)
8th October - Los Angeles - Troubadour (with Ulrich Schnauss)
9th October - San Francisco - Mezzanine (with Ulrich Schnauss)

October 14, 2010::
Chapterhouse video footage
Last chance to submit video footage for the upcoming Chapterhouse movie. You will receive a credit in the film if your footage is used!


US Tour Press and Photos
"here Isn't Any Noise": An Interview with Shoegaze Legends Chapterhouse
Lincoln Hall, Chicago Photos
Chapterhouse: There's Still Life
Shoegaze Legends Chapterhouse Tour and Talk to PopMatters
Chapterhouse, October 6, Lee's Palace
Chapterhouse 'Mesmerize' Once More In Stateside Tour Opener
Greg Moore's (Bassist, filling in for Russell) behind the tour photos

Please send me more reviews and pictures if you have them.

October 4, 2010::
Chapterhouse Live in NY The Bell House , Oct 3rd.

October 3, 2010::
Chapterhouse Live in Chicago, Oct 1st.

Chapterhouse DVD
[sorry I didn't post this before, I thought i was subscribed to the Chapterhouse facebook page but evidentially I wasn't. of course i can't find the bit about the movie now ]

Chapterhouse are putting together a movie of the world tour, so if you are in the states, be sure to video the concerts or at least as much as you can or want and if the band use your video in the movie you will get a credit. the band may also write new instrumental pieces for this release

Chapterhouse interview and new material(?)
Here is a great inverview with the band and they talk about maybe making some new music together.

Chapterhouse's Favorite videos and signed cds
Chapterhouse will be making a one-time TWO HOUR personal appearance at I Am The Programmer, Thursday, November 11 1:00pm - 3:00pm.. To coinside with the event, you can purchase signed coped of Whirlpool and Blood Music here

September 25, 2009::
Chapterhouse Gigography
I'm going to start a gigography for the site. please email me any dates you know. I will also be addinga forum to the site soon

I'm looking for any live shows, in particular a radio broadcast in Detroit from 89x I believe. I have a partial recording of it, but that doesn't do me much good either because I'm having trouble locating it!

June 17, 2010::
New US dates announced
See above dates

May 6, 2010::
Chapterhouse postone US tour
Due to the recent volcanic activity in Iceland Chapterhouse have been forced to reschedule their upcoming tour of North America. The disruption to international flights caused by the ash cloud left Stephen stranded in Japan. Although the earliest flight earmarked for his return to the UK was May 3rd, he managed to get a standby ticket and return on monday evening. However, this caused him to miss his interviews at the American Embassy, which means that there is no hope of us getting him a US artist visa in time for the shows.

We are all extremely disappointed that this is our only course of action, but wish to stress that the tour is being postponed, not cancelled. We are currently working hard with the promoters in order to find the best time to reschedule the shows, keeping them at the same venues with the same line ups. Any fans with tickets will be able to use them for the replacement shows. Due to Ashley's commitments with his other band 'Tunng', the new shows are likely to be in the second half of September. We will confirm these dates as soon as possible.

The band are very upset about this turn of events and would like to convey their sympathy and apologies to everyone that will be affected, but on a more positive note, we intend to add a couple of dates to the rescheduled tour. Please bear with us. We look forward to playing in front of you all in a few months time.
Andy, Stephen, Simon and Ashley

March 4, 2010::
Chapterhouse launch official website
Chapterhouse has launched an official website. It's located at Chapterhouse.info

November 28, 2009::
Chapterhouse play first gig
Here is the setlist and a video of 'Pearl'. It looks like Kirsty Hawkshaw (Opus III) didn't perform backup vocal for this gig.

Falling Down
Then We'll Rise
Precious One
Something More
Come Heaven
In My Arms
Love Forever

Here are some pictures.

Chapterhouse play Warm up gig
Chapterhouse played a friend only warm-up gig at The Luminaire on Sunday November 22nd, in preparation of their gig at Reverence. 'Pearl' featured a guest Kirsty Hawkshaw (Opus III) on background vocals. Here is the set list (not necessarily in this order) and a video.

Ecstacy 2
Something More
Falling Down
Come Heaven
Precious One
In My Arms
Love Forever
Inside Of Me

Ashley Bates gets experimental
Ashley is now a member of Tunng, an experimental folk band.

October 31, 2009::
Chapterhouse tour update
The band told me they are likely to play in the US from May 1-9, 2010. More details when I get them. So it's going to be a short and sweet US tour.

Rare tracks and demos
As reported here 2 years ago, the band hope to release a cd of rare tracks and demos in late 2009 or early 2010. It will include the demo tracks from Rownderbowt. See post from 2 years ago below.

October 12, 2009::
Chapterhouse tour information
The band has told me that they will play in the US and Japan in 2010. "It will be a very concise tour of the major cities" in the US, New York, California and Williamsburg(!) are probable areas. No dates have been announced as they aren't sure if they will be playing the US in February or May of 2010. They will be playing Japan in April 2010. Once I get info about UK dates, I will let you know. Here is what Stephen said, "We never anticipated doing this but we are doing it for the enjoyment of playing together again and for fans of the band to see us play live once more".

The band asked me to spread the word. "This is a one-off thing for us so we hope to get it out to as many people as possible within our limited timescale".

September, 2009::
Chapterhouse to play some live dates!
They plan on doing a limited number of gigs and gigs worldwide are being discussed 2010. The band say they never plans to reform. Maybe these gigs will help them change their mind.

From the Club AC30 newsletter:
From November 26th to 28th, London's Club AC30 bring their second Reverence series of shows to the prestigious Institute of Contemporary Arts. Spread over three nights, Reverence is a celebration of swirling fuzzy guitars, huge walls of noise and shimmering waves of feedback. Featuring live sets from nine bands including Creation legends Swervedriver, Brooklyn's indie-pop sensations The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart and a special one-off show from ethereal noise-merchants Chapterhouse.

Night 1: Thursday 26th November In response to numerous requests over the years, Chapterhouse have agreed to play live at Club AC30's Reverence show at the ICA on Thursday the 26th of November 2009. Plans to follow this up with a number of worldwide gigs in 2010 are being discussed. Due to individual commitments these dates will be limited. The band have no intention of reforming but are doing this show to give fans of the band (old and new) another opportunity to see them live. Ulrich Schnauss brings his ambient and atmospheric sounds to the fray as main support, with exquisite aural light and shade from Air Formation to open the show.

March 24, 2009::
Whirlpool to be reissued again with unreleased material
Space Age recordings is set to release Whirlpool - The Original recordings with previously unreleased songs and versions. I'm assuming they are re-releasing this becasue of the diaster with the Cherrry Red records version.


Here is the press release and tracklising
Hailing from Reading in the late 80's/early 90's, Chapterhouse were leaders in the British Shoegazing movement. Rehearsing for well over a year before committing anything to demo for record companies, Chapterhouse quickly reached the top of their game with their peak arguably being a performance following Nirvana at the 1991 Reading Festival.

Releases from Chapterhouse have been very hard to track down, due to being out-of-print for many years. Thankfully Space Age Recordings is about to rectify this. A re-issue of the original Whirlpool recordings from VHF Studios Rugby, Sawmills Cornwall, Stoneroom Studios London and Refuge in Reading is set to be released for physical distribution and via iTunes. Featuring three extra tracks, including the never before released 'Thrasher' and longer/alternate mixes of 'Something More', 'Rain' and 'Guilt'.


1. Breather
2. Pearl
3. Autosleeper
4. Treasure
5. Falling Down
6. April
7. Guilt
8. If You Want Me
9. Something More (ambient version)
10. Rain (alternative version)
11. Thrasher
12. Guilt (long version)

Source: Eric Sutton

July 22, 2008::
Chapterhouse reform for one-off song
Andrew and Simon performed 'Love Forever' with Ulrich Schnauss live at Truck Festival at Hill Farm on July 19th. Could this mean Chapterhouse could be getting back together? More details soon

Source: Tim Ingham

April 8, 2008::
'Blood Music' reissued
Cherry Red records has re-released 'Blood Music'. The Offical Street date is April 14th I believe. The original album now includes all 4 tracks from the Mesmerise EP, along with 2 additional songs from the We Are The Beautiful single. Liner notes are by Ulrich Schnauss. This CD has been mastered by the band themselves after problems with 'Whirlpool' mastering. Please note it has not been remastered.

Precious One
Summer Chill
Then We'll Rise
Don't Look Now
There's Still Life
We Are The Beautiful
Summer's Gone
Everytime Deli
On The Way To Fly
She's A Vision
Greater Power
Confusion Trip
Love Forever

February 4, 2008::
'Whirlpool' re-release repressed
Stephen Patman has informed me that 'Whirlpool' has now been repressed in full quality (see post below about this). You can contact Cherry Red records to edxchange your copy. I'm not sure if you just have to send the CD itself or the whole package.

August 31, 2007::
'Whirlpool' re-release defective
An enterprising bloke named 'hockeycoat' over at the shoegaze forum, did some analysis of this release and discovered that many of the tracks on this have the same bitrate as mp3s. I alerted the band to this problem and now Cherry Red records acknowledged that the cd was indeed pressed wrong and plan to repress it. Customers will be allowed to return their lo-fi version or the new hi-fi version. I will post more details when Stephen and Andrew get back with me. Please don't bombard Cherry Red with inquiries about this. All details will be posted here in due time.

August 3, 2007::
Unreleased Music to be released
Chatperhouse are planning on releasing a CD of rare tracks and demos. Andy Sherriff promises that it will "include all the unavailable 'Chapterhouse' tracks that anyone could possibly hope for!"

Source: Andy Sherriff of Chapterhouse

August 2, 2007::
Blood Music to be reissued
Cherry Red records is re-releasing 'Blood Music' with 'Mesmerised' EP as the bonus tracks. The band is also looking into making their catalogue avaialable to download. More details to follow.

Source: Stephen Patman of Chapterhouse

May 21, 2007::
Chapterhouse Videos

Pearl Video

Falling Down BBC Live @ Marquee, London 1991 Video

Mesmerise Video

May 20, 2007::
Best of Chapterhouse

The Camden label has released a Best of Chapterhouse album. It was released on May 14, 2007

1 We Are The Beautiful
2 Falling Down
3 Pearl
4 Mesmerise
5 Autosleeper
6 Come Heaven
7 Breather
8 She's A Vision
9 There's Still Life
10 Love Forever
11 Then We'll Rise
12 In My Arms
13 Ecstasy II
14 Something More
15 On The Way To Fly

March 27, 2006::
Whirlpool tracklisting revealed

Falling Down
If You Want Me
Something More
Need (Somebody)
Inside Of Me
Sixteen Years
Satin Safe
Feel The Same
Come Heaven
In My Arms

February 9, 2006::
Whirlpool to be reissued with bonus tracks

Cherry Red records is re-releasing 'Whirlpool' with bonus tracks and lyrics (for the first time). The band were hoping for a 2-disc set with unreleased material but Cherry Red only wanted to release a single disc. As a result, 'Rain' and the ep version of 'Something More' will be left off. The band hope to release unreleashed early material at some point in the future, possibly online. I will find out when this will be released but i suspect later this year.

Source: Stephen Patman of Chapterhouse