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Compilation Apperances

heaven heall heaven hell us
Lady Godiva's Operation (1990)
Heaven & Hell: A Tribute to the Velvet Underground Volume One
UK LP/CD (Imaginary Records ILLUSION 016, ILLCD 016)
US CD (Communion Records) 1991
-:-- Lady Godiva's Operation

Velvet Underground cover

looking glass
It Won't Be Wrong (1992)
Various - 1965 Through the Looking Glass
UK LP/CD (Imaginary Records ILLUSION 025, ILLCD 025)

3rd stone
Various - Taste of 3rd Stone Records, Vol. 2 (16 March 1998)
UK LP/CD (3rd Stone Records ??)
-:-- It Won't Be Wrong

Byrds cover (McGuinn/Gerst)

tour single
Falling Down (Live)
Special Tour Single
UK 7"
-:-- Falling Down (Live)

Also has tracks by Five Thirty and The Belltower.
This is a FREE 7 inch single which could be got at the door of the venue with a coupon printed on NME.

Delta Phase
Epsilon Phase
Global Communication - Remotion: The Global Communication Remix Album
UK Dedicated DEDCD21 / 74321 32642-2
-:-- Delta Phase
-:-- Epsilon Phase

Spooky Versus Chapterhouse: We Are Beautiful
Various - Serious Roadtrip
UK 3CD Meleody Maker CD 1
-:-- Delta Phase
-:-- Epsilon Phase

Breather (1992)
The Best Of The Mark Goodier Radio Sessions
UK CD Mark 1 Srange Fruit/BBC
4:17 Breather

how much longer
Then We'll Rise (March 1992)
Various - How Much Longer?
UK CD Anti Vivisection Agency AVACD001
-:-- Then We'll Rise

happy daze
Pearl (1991)
Various - Happy Daze v.2
UK LP/CD Island Records ILPTV3/848580-1
-:-- Pearl

Mesmerise (Vocal Dub Mix) *( (1999)
Various - Splendor
US CD Astralwerks 6282
-:-- Mesmerise (Vocal Dub Mix)
* Remixed by Mad Professor

Pearl( (2006)
Various - Like A Daydream - A Shoegazing Guide
UK CD Castle Music / Castle Communications CMFCD1309
Pearl (5:15)