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Freefall EP (1990)
UK 7"/12"/CD Dedicated Stone 001 CD
-:-- Falling Down (Sherriff)
-:-- Need (Somebody) (Sherriff)
-:-- Inside Of Me (Rowe, Bates, Patman)
-:-- Sixteen Years (Barrett, Sherriff)

Recorded At V.H.F. Sound Centre, Feb 1990. Engineered By Paul Adkins. Produced By Chapterhouse. Falling Down Remixed By Ian Caple And Chapterhouse. Design By Chapterhouse And Albert. Thanks To Jon Curtis, Pete And Jason. Management/Gerald Palmer/3rd Stone

sunburst sunburst 2
Sunburst EP (1990)
UK 7"/12"/CD Dedicated Stone 002CD
-:-- Something More (Sherriff)
-:-- Satin Safe (Patman/Sherriff)
-:-- Rain (Lennon/McCartney)
-:-- Feel The Same (Rowe/Patman)

All Songs Copyright Control Except 'Rain' On Northern Songs Ltd. Recorded At VHF Sound Centre, Feb 1990 Except 'Rain' Recorded Aug 1989 At Sawmill Studios. Produced By Chapterhouse. 1 & 3 Mixed By Ian Caple And Chapterhouse. 'Penitent Magdalene', The Nelson-Atkins Museum Of Art, Kanas City, Missorri, Nelson Fund 30-35, Usa. Design By Chapterhouse And Albert Tupelo. Management Gerald Plamer/3rd Stone.

Pearl (1991)
UK 7"/12"/CD Dedicated Stone 003CD
-:-- Pearl (Sherriff)
-:-- Come Heaven (Patman) *
-:-- In My Arms (Sherriff)
-:-- Pearl (Edit) (Sherriff)

* Appears on 7"
Features Rachel Goswell From Slowdive On Backing Vocals, Courtesy Of Creation Records. All Songs Copyright Control. 'Pearl' Engineered And Produced By Ralph Jezzard. Recorded Jan 91 at Gooseberry Studios. Tracks 2 & 3 Engineered And Produced By Jim Warren And Chapterhouse, Recorded Jan 91 At The Refuge, Reading. Design By Albert Tupelo.

Mesmerise (1993)
UK 7"/12"/CD Dedicated House 001CD
-:-- Mesmerise (Barrett, Sherriff)
-:-- Precious One (Patman)
-:-- Summer Chill (Sherriff)
-:-- Then We'll Rise (Rowe, Bates, Patman)

Track 1 & 2 Produced and Engineered by Ralph Jezzard. Recorded August 91 at Gooseberry Studio. Tracks 3 & 4 produced bt Chapterhouse and engineered by MArk Freegard. Recorded August 91 at Chapel Studios. Photos by Michael Banks. Design by Albert Tupelo.

mesmerise remix
Mesmerise remix (1991)
UK 12" Dedicated House 001 KT
-:-- Mesmerise (Remix) (Barrett, Sherriff)
-:-- Precious One (Remix) (Patman)

Produced and engineered by Ralph Jezzard. Recorded Aug 91 at Gooseberry Studios. Mark Wallace: Bongos. Sally Boyden: Backing Vocals. Photos: Michael Banks. Design: Albert Tupelo.

She's A Vision/Don't Look Now (1993)
UK 7"/12"/CD Dedicated House 003
-:-- She's A Vision
-:-- Don't Look Now
-:-- Don't Look Now (Sitar Trance Mix) *
-:-- For What It's Worth (Demo) *

Double "A' side single. 7" Limited and numbered on purple vinyl
* Appears on the 12" and CD only

Track 1 written by Patman (Copyright Control) Track 2, 3, 4 written by Sherriff (Copyright Control). Track 1, 2 Produced and Engineered by Ralph Jezzard and recorded at Greenhouse. Track 1 assisted by Paul Tipler. Mixed by Stephen Hague at Bak Studios. Backing vocals by Chyna. Track 2 assisted by Finn Steele, pre-production by Mat at Butterfly. Track 3 remixed by the Drum Club at Butterfly. Track 4 produced and engineered by Chpaterhouse assited by Chriss Hufford at the Courtyard. The Copyright and sound recording is owned by Dedicated.

We Are The Beautiful (1993)
UK 2x7"/12"/CD Dedicated House 004CD
4:00 We Are The Beautiful
8.27 We Are The Beautiful (Spookys Extravaganja Dub Mix)
3:57 Frost *
3:38 Age

Ltd Blue vinyl 7" comes in a gatefold sleeve. "Frost" appears on the B-side of 7"

All tracks written by Patamn except track 3 written by Sherriff. Track 1 produced and engineered by Ralph Jezzard. Recorded at FGGreenhouse assisted by Finn Stole? Mixed by Stephen Hague at Bearsville Studio, Enginneered by Paul Gomersill. Track 2 mix and additional production by Spooky. Track 3 & 4produced by Pascal Gabriel, Engineered by Mike Dignham. Recorded at Impact, Mixed at Konk. All tracks copyright control. A Blue Source sleeve, Design and LLayout Johnathan Cooke & ??